Old people tell old jokes, but then again, they also forget them quickly, so view these 1977 vintage 'toons about once a month.
Click to zoom I've heard of people with black cars being hired to drive through suburbs, just to collect all the dust. The same loony logic applies here...
Click to zoom Yes, there were hot rodders in the olden days whose show ponies rarely hit the road, but that wouldn't be the case now days. Would it?
Click to zoom This pithy social observation is a true story.
Click to zoom The hot rod lingo can be confusing, and we shouldn't belittle newbies. But where is the fun in that?
Click to zoom This technician now runs the service department where you get you new car fixed.
Click to zoom Club newsletters frequently contain "in" jokes that are references to events that aren't known to outsiders. This is often done to reinforce a clique. That isn't the case here; we still love the people involved - more then 30 years later.
Click to zoom Personal hygiene wasn't a huge issue to young people in the seventies, though some could have tried harder.
Click to zoom One rodder used to say "Sure you can drive my car, as long as I can date your wife".
Click to zoom Family ties are the ties that bind us.
Click to zoom Lewd, suggestive, and in poor taste. Don't click on this one unless that sort of thing appeals to you.
  These 10 cartoons were first published in the Rods Inc newsletter, between 1977 and 1981. As I drew the cartoons, I have control over the copyright, which may not be the case if we were to publish cartoons that have been lifted from other publications. If you would like to be published, then I have to insist on originals. Peter Crain




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