Mal Kieselbach has just sold this '28 tourer, but as that event has only happened recently, we hope the new owner doesn't mind our referring to it as Mal's. Mal is a transplanted New South Welshman who now lives on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, having been involved in rodding in the early days, in Sydney.

The tourer is all steel, a product of the Ford plant in Geelong, save for the major modifications made by the semi-retired motor mechanic during the cars 3 year conversion from stocker to street rod, which Mal registered in March '06.

Mal fabricated the dropped headlight crossbar, and used after market lights to continue the hot rod theme.

Dragway mag wheels add a nostalgic touch.

A Toyota Corona provided the steering column, and the gauges are an eclectic mix.

The builder, Mal Kieselbach, but not the current owner, just before selling the car.

Down in the weeds in front and a pleasing rake, this chassis setup is about as good as it gets.

Mal painted the car himself, in Snow White and Gold.

A 60 litre aluminium fuel tank is discretely concealed behind the back seat - the filler is from a Ford Falcon.

Mal does some laps around Valla Beach

Cream and gold is an uncommon combination which goes together well, in this package.

Jag rears are solidly mounted to the rear cross member, which allows the exhausts to hang below the centre section.

Mal not only painted the car, but taught himself to trim as well, which resulted in a very nice trim job at a very reasonable cost.

The front end contains a 4" dropped Super Bell axle, with HQ Holden disc brakes. The radiator was supplied by Drake Radiators, and it does a fine job of cooling the largely stock 302 Ford Windsor - not to be confused with the sausage of the same name.

The 302 uses a Holley 2 bbl carb for highway economy, and some accessories to brighten the engine bay. It is bolted to a C4 auto transmission, which in turn sends the message to an S type Jaguar rear suspension, that has the Limited Slip option.

The S type is popular with rodders, as it doesn't require the axles to be shortened, nor the back guards to be widened.

We imagine the new owner will be quite happy with this attractive, all steel package.

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