Peter Raines has been building fine street rods for decades, and this all steel '32 hiboy is as fine as any that went before. He started collecting pieces for it 21 years ago, and they came from all over the place. The bits all coalesced into this exceptionally well styled hiboy 10 years ago, and it has many thousands of miles under its belt - so far. Peter modified an original deuce chassis, adding a tube space frame cross member, and boxing. The front end comprises a Super Bell cast dropped axle, HX Holden calipers, Falcon rotors, a dead perch and stainless shock absorbers.

Little Deitz headlamps point the way on gloomy nights.

The stock screen is chopped a reasonable 2½", providing just the right proportions.

A Scorcher electronic ignition fires up the very healthy 383 stroker. HPC coated headers keep that area clean, and feed a pair of 3½" exhaust pipes.

The mono leaf gets the front end down, without requiring frame surgery.

Front and back wheels are by Real Wheels, with Billet Specialties knock-offs.

'39 Ford tail lamps, with the popular blue dot option, adorn the simple rear end.

A Hot Rod Hardware radiator has been doing the job for 10 years, in concert with a 17" electric fan.

A common sight around Geelong, these pictures were taken way up in Valla Beach, NSW.

An XW Falcon GT steering column has a stainless steel cover, and connects to an HQ steering box. The seat was custom made.

Pete & Jake shock absorbers, a well dropped axle, and big ventilated discs mean this front end is for cool driving.

The bonnet (hood) top panels are original Ford units, while the sides were made by Rootleib, and are secured by Dzus fasteners.

Stainless steel 4-bars use polyurethane bushes to smooth out the bumps that our less than perfect highways are riddled with, and with those bumps in mind, a transverse tube cross member under the motor stops the rails from spreading when kinetics cause the weight of the motor to double.

Not that this small block Chevy is heavy, in the weight sense, being a 383 ci stroker with double hump fuellie heads, roller rockers, big valves, screw-in studs, guide plates, ported & polished, balanced & blueprinted; it puts out 398 hp, at the rear wheels.

The Crane flat tappet cam, and Jackson gear drive each make their own contribution to the sweet symphony of this red hot street rod's cacophony.

The SBC also has a 100 hp nitrous oxide adapter which sits between the 750 cfm vacuum secondary Holley carb, and the Smokey Ram manifold.

This is a real hot rod - in that it has a manual transmission. The Tremec T3550 5 speed can handle the horse pressure the lumpy SBC puts out, while simultaneously saving gas in top gear. A Centre Force clutch mediates between the motor and box.

A 9" Fairlane limited slip diff of 4.11: 1 ratio uses 11" drums, and a pair of 450 lb Aldan coil-overs suspend the rear, which is located by a stainless steel tube 4-bar with a triangulated panhard rod.

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