Noel Inman continues to have a ball with his '22 Model T centre door sedan, which he has owned for a fun filled 10 years now. The T was built by Barry Slater around 1980, and was based on a very rare Poli-Form fibreglass body, a relatively stock 289 Ford motor, and a Jag rear. Of course, Noel has changed quite a lot of the original specifications - as an indication of how much the car has changed, it has run 11.08 at the drag strip, whereas it originally ran the quarter mile in the 18 second range.

You have probably seen photos of Noels T in various magazines, usually at the drags. That's not the only place this double duty street rod does tricks - these shots were taken at Valla Beach Resort, where Noel had driven the T to, over a 1000 km from Noel's place in Victoria.

Poli-Form allegedly destroyed the moulds after making just 3 of these centre doors, though their motivation is a mystery.

The T has a half bonnet, full bonnet and a Formula 5000 style scoop - all were left at home for the trip to Valla Park.

The Toyota column is connected to a Holden steering box, which is connected to a '37 Ford front axle with split radius rods.

You can see the front axle restraining chain just to the left of the number plate. It is there to limit wheel stands.

The centre door design persisted for a few years, being replaced by a more conventional design in 1924.

This car is very tall, and as aerodynamic as a block of flats.

A Jag rear with 3.5:1 ratio has copped heaps of stick, and still does the job. The air conditioner condenser and electric fan are right in front of the diff.

Plush velour provides a soft ride for Noel and his passengers.

Noel brings various sets of wheels; the type varies according to the event.

The irrepressible Noel is happy to oblige any request for a moving shot - the T looks great at speed.

Entry and egress is awkward, but made easier by Noel's patient explanation of the intricate dance steps required. Put your right foot in, and place it on the floor, put your left foot....

The motor is almost as unusual as the body - it is the second that Noel has put in the T, this one having a 302 crank and 289 rods, and ICE ignition with 2 stage rev limiter, multiple advance curves etc.

Gas from the 10 lb nitrous bottle in the back floor is delivered by a Zex kit to a perimeter plate which is adjustable from 100 to 300 hp, in 50 hp increments. Does it work? The '37 front axle has a chain to limit suspension travel when the T wheel stands!

The radiator is a custom Auto Cool model, and uses an Auto Cool water pump and electric fan to keep the Windsor cool. Bleed tubes run from the radiator header tank to the back of the heads, which is another performance trick that Noel employs.

The C4 auto uses a C10 bell housing and C10 3000 rpm stall speed torque converter. The trans also has a deepened sump, 2 oil coolers, and a an electric fan.

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