Leigh Charter's '32 3 window construction wasn't one of those long drawn out affairs - he started it in March - this year. Finished just before the Valla Park run in October, that must be a record for a car of this quality. Leigh had some help from John Wood, but consider the fact that they got the chassis from bare Lilow rails to rolling status in a day and a half. The chassis is zedded 50mm in the rear, and thoughtfully includes the fender mount holes, which have been plugged, in case Leigh decides to run fenders in the future.

The car was registered the Friday before the Valla run, and Leigh drove it all the way from his home in Castlemaine, Victoria. The front of the car is dominated by the Vintique headlamps that use tubular stainless conduit, rather than the normal flexible conduit. The headlamps are on Rod Tech headlamp stalks. Not apparent are the owner fabricated LEDs that are set in the reflectors.

The Castlemaine built coupe is exceptionally well built and styled.

Leigh Charter Jr did the panel work and paint preparation - which has to be exceptionally good for glossy black paint.

We like to show comparison shots - the channelled 3 window is quite different.

Leigh takes the smooth coupe for a short spin.

Black and wide whites never looked so good.

The high standard of the Leigh Jr paint preparation is obvious in this view.

The rear of the car is as refined as any other view.

The Glide Eng. seats and door trim are finished in burnt orange leather. The carpet is as fitted to a late Rolls Royce.

The pop-out access panel that Leigh is operating is normally a raised section that mirrors the 3 window's glove box location.

The front end contains a Deuce Factory 4" dropped stainless axle, and a Rod Tech stainless 4 bar, stainless panhard bar, & Falcon brakes.

The largely stock Chev 350 uses twin Gas Research throttle bodies. Hot Rod Hardware supplied many of the components on the car, including the Southern Air a\c unit.

Billet CNC-made stainless blocks hold the bonnet hold-downs, and there are other billet items around the engine - which is behind an Aussie Desert Cooler radiator (Norm is also from Castlemaine) and thermo fan. An HZ Holden steering box was preferred.

The trans is a stock Turbo 350; the shifter is mounted on the Falcon column, with a Le Carre steering wheel on top. A Fairlane pendulum pedal box is mounted under the dash, and all the hydraulic brake components are out of the one model - a BA Falcon.

Gavin Hill of Bendigo Trim recommended the interior colours, then supplied and fitted the leather. The photos show Leigh opening the cleverly designed access door in the dash that houses the electrical switches. Morrie Evans of Classic Instruments supplied the gauges to Leigh's exact specifications.

Ellis Baron from Melbourne supplied a solid brass windscreen frame, and the electric windows came with the Deuce Customs body.

In another clever use of space, while remaining faithful to the clean lines of the 3 window body, Leigh put the 100 litre LPG tank in the boot, and adapted the tank cover to a storage area. In another twist, the LPG filler is in the tank cap.

The cream wheels came from Wheels Plus in Bendigo - 15 x 5½ and 15 x 7 "smoothies" steel wheels and Cokers cross-ply tyres with wide whitewalls,

Gary O'Toole of Tingay's Smash Repairs painted the car, in Deep Black, and Matt Egan of Extreme Designs pinstriped it - 1 stripe is the wheel colour, the other is the trim colour.

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