Mal Schilling had just sold his ’56 Chevy Nomad and was looking for a new project, in or near his home in the Queensland rural centre of Kingaroy. All Mal's friends were moving into hot rods, so he decided to look for an unfinished hot rod project to fast-track the build. Mal had heard about a 32 Coupe that was two thirds built, and that the owner might consider selling to finance his business expansions.

When he saw the car it had everything he liked: 350 with tri-power, 4 speed manual, hairpin front end, buggy sprung rear and hi-boy style. Bill Patterson was the owner, and Bill makes quite a few hot rod parts, such as the under dash brake booster assembly which is fitted to this car.

Rather than being down in the weeds, here we see the classy coupe down amongst the roses and petunias.

The wheels are American Racing Torque Thrust IIs; 4" in the front and 9" in the rear.

Mal laid out the artwork, and The Paint Doctor laid it on, over the top of the Pete Townsend applied Hot Chilli red paint.

Very nostalgic - the tri-power setup reeks of the olden days, when petrol cost much less.

From any angle, the Kingaroy coupe looks exciting, but this angle may be the best.

A good many Toowoomba built cars use tried & true buggy springs front and back, for reasons of nostalgia and simplicity of construction.

The body was painted by Pete Townsend, and the flames and artwork were applied by The Paint Doctor, in Maryborough.

Magnum make a great dropped axle - this one is dropped 4", then held in place with a set of shiny wishbones.

Did you pick the extended frame horns? That fact, and the V in the spreader bar, make the front appear lower.

They have the Ohio look in the States, and we have the Toowoomba look. Both include narrow weenies on the front.

A Morris 1100 provided the front seat, most of the remainder was fabricated.

This shot emphasises the garden in Garden City, the official alias for Toowoomba.

The body is a Deuce Customs 5-window coupe replica and the car was painted Hot Chilli red by Pete Townsend. A Gemini fuel tank is fitted in the boot and a roll pan covers up where the fuel tank used to be. The front uses cycle guards; the rear guards were stock deuce custom, which Mal cut up to a shape that he was pleased with - after he split them down the middle and widened them 70 mm. Mal then had The Paint Doctor from Maryborough add the flames and the artwork on the boot based on Mal's designs.

The coupe is fitted with a 350 Chevy with all the usual hot up gear, including 3 Strombergs on a tri-power manifold. The 4-speed manual is a Tex Racing gearbox, which is a beefed up copy of a Borg Warner T-10. These gearboxes do not have provision for a speedo drive, so Mal attached a magnet to the tail shaft with an electronic sender to operate a VDO gauge. The magnet is held in place by a large diameter heat shrink tube. A 9" diff, buggy spring and stainless steel ladder bars make up the rear.

Stainless steel hairpins, a 4" dropped Magnum axle, after-market discs up front. The chassis horns have been extended 3 inch to make the car appear lower than it really is. The wheels are Torque Thrust 4 inch on the front with Michelin 145 tyres; the rears are 9" wide, with 285 BF Goodridge tyres. New glass was cut and fitted and a laser-cut stainless steel windscreen trim was added. Mal modified a front seat from a Morris 1100 and made up door cards and had then all upholstered by Paul Adams of Kingaroy.

Mal has owned the car for 2 years now and has made a couple of inter-state trips in it, and enjoys every minute driving it

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