Gary Wright was a member of the legendary Roadstars Hot Rod Club in Brisbane, way back in the sixties. He built a fabulous channeled '32 roadster in 1965, powered by the venerable Y-block 292 and drove it for 3 years. It was eventually sold to George Kotevich, who installed a small block Ford and also drove and showed the car for years.

Bert Weingott was the next owner, and now Michael Morris of Lisarow NSW is the custodian. Fast forward forty years and Gary got 'back into it' with a nice '30 coupe. The paint was a little dated, and various elements needed a refresh, so it was pulled apart, and the work began. Brent Oldridge of B & B Restorations did the top chop and Troy from Race & Paint painted the whole car in PPG black.

There is a touch of bluein the paint, but it is only just visible. The rebuild took slightly less than 12 months, a superb job for a bloke working under his house, with some help from his friends.

Before: Gary's coupe is seen here at Yamba '09, before the rebuild, where John Davies displayed his extraordinary capacity for multi-tasking.

The Chevy 350 was so nice that it deserved to be shown to the world, so the hood sides were left off. The transmission is a Turbo 350.

Gary used a Ron Francis wiring loom and reports that it was money well spent. Not that they are expensive - check them out on E-Bay.

Apart from RPM valve covers, a Carter performance carb and HEI ignition, the 350 is stock. A Walker radiator and an electric fan keep the SBC cool at all times.

The coupe also features a filled roof, and a Bitchin Products firewall & floor.

...and after: The top was chopped 1¾ inches, which had a profound effect on the overall appearance. It could well be an entirely different car.

TCI built the chassis, which uses a 4" dropped axle up front and a Mustang rear on coil-overs. This frame isn't z-ed, but the rear doesn't sit high. The front & rear guards are new Brookville items, installed during this rebuild.

We can't see much of the trim, but as John Davies did it we are assured that it is an excellent job. Note the column shift, which saves room afoot. We can also see the VDO gauges, including 1 fuel tank gauge, with a left\right toggle for the saddle tanks.

Tanks Inc. made the saddle tanks, which are a great approximately 54 litre alternative to the relatively small (about 40 litre) stock cowl mounted tank. Note the dropped headlight bar.

Those are genuine American Racing Torq Thrust D one piece wheels, 15" x 5" on the front and 15" x 8" on the rear.

The rear tyres are 2.55\70 radials, and the front are 1.55\80 radials. None of these shots show the tinted glass very well, but its there.

How's that for down in the Weeds? Gary's coupe has a lovely stance, and is extremely well finished. Don't wait 40 years before the next one Gary.

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