Reproduction steel bodies

These shots were all taken at the GoodGuys Pleasanton meet, and will provide some idea of the huge resource of reproduction steel bodies available to you. No longer limited to Model A and deuce roadsters, the range now includes '27 T Fords to '68 Camaro convertibles & '67 Mustang fastbacks, with new models being added every year. While not visible at Pleasanton, Kelvin Waddington's new '34 Tourer is a model that we will cover in future editions. One that we haven't seen yet is Bob Drake's '40 coupe, but we are told that it is coming, as are other interesting bodies.

This is the item that won “The Best New Street Rod Product of the Year 2008” at the NSRA Nationals in Louisville; Steve's Auto Restoration's '34 3-window coupe. Check on their web site for prices, and expect to spend a couple of hours - it is a great site.

The interior of the Steves' Auto Restorations Real Steel'34 roadster. A bare body will set you back about US$16k.

The new boy on the block - the Brookville Roadster deuce 3 -window takes a while to deliver, which is only because of their immense popularity. This one is fromWalden's Speed Shop, who buy unassembled bodies, then chop them, and fill the roof. Way to go....

The American Speed Company produces this fabulous '33\'34 roadster\convertible body. Their web site is technically brilliant, and worthy of a long visit. The page on manufacturing is quite interesting - there is a movie showing the trunk lid die being machined by a 5 axis machine.

The American Speed Company Speed33 convertible again, this time in basic black. The rolling chassis may be configured to suit your preferences for motor & trans.

This Speed33 has all the fenders & running boards. Some of the Rootlieb hood options are really interesting variations.

How would you like your last project to have started from this solid a foundation? That's the whole point of these repro bodies - no rust or smash damage to contend with.

Shadow Rods have been making this T roadster style body for some time. They took the original dimensions and added inches all over, to make it a better fit on a '32 frame, and to suit the larger rodder.

  The Denver Deuce (nee Rod Bods) is now part of the Streamline Hot Rod Parts company, producers of the Gennie shifter & the home of Vintage Auto Parts, all worthy of a look via the 'net.

Is there a feature that you would delete from the stamped reproductions? You can have that option if you learn how, at Lazze's Metal Shaping Training Centre.

All ready to add your drive train and paint - these bodies have great fit and gaps. It takes a competent body man 3 days to assemble a coupe body,which has to be an improvement on waiting for your panel beater to transform a rusty old body.

Brookville Roadster have been producing steel bodies for longer than most - and the Model A range was thir first complete model. This long version solves most of the issues of the tiny Model A.

One of theWalden's Speed Shop ads - they nailed the period correct art deco look as well! Their web site is well worth a visit. Not only will Walden's supply parts, but they will teach you how to do your own metalwork in their Sheetmetal Shaping Seminars.

The bare metal look not only draws attention to the fact that this is a steel body, but it also shows the fit of the parts.

The Denver Deuce is the '32 roadster that was formerly known as the Rod Bods roadster. More like the original, there is no disappearing top on this very popular body.

The Speed33 with some unusual wheels and low profile tyres. Not your bag? Hey, option it with something else.

What better way is there to get your 'new' '55 convertible down in the turf, other than air bags? This setup gives us the low look any time we like, and still gets over speed bumps in supermarket car parks.

The XL27 (extra large '27) was designed with almost 2" extra down the middle, and 4" in length, while retaining the unique appearance of the '26\'27 T roadster.

The Denver Deuce is also part of the Deuce America product line. Check out the nifty original style top.

If you don't wish to buy a stamped steel body, why not roll your own? Believe it or not, the outer skin for this '32 roadster was fabricated by 2 Lazze Metal Dreams students, in just 5 days! Lazze have video courses for those unable to get to classes in their Pleasanton, CA rooms.

If you are tired of waiting for a 32 3-window,consider the Steves' Auto Restorations Real Steel '34 3-window, or roadster, and the wait is over.

The venerable Brookville deuce roadster - in stock and ready to go for just US$12k. Midway in size between the A and the '34, this model is extremely popular with rodders.

Many of the manufacturers enjoy close relationships with shops that value add parts and features that the steel stamper does not offer. TheRoadster Shop is just such an shop, and here they show theirDearborn deuce, with the hideaway top, 3" longer doors and curved side glass that completes the weather proofing for those serious about driving.

The Roadster Shop's outdoor display, with the trailer backdrop advertising their RS Performance Products line of later model chassis and bodies. They have Chevelle & Camaro goodies to drool over.

Some of the interesting points in this Speed33 convertible interior are the wind up windows; see the glass inside the door and the glass channel up the height of the windscreen frame, a feature Henry didn't offer until the fifties.

The Roadster Shop also sells more modern roadsters - the Experi-metal Inc '55 to '57 Chevy convertible is available from The Roadster Shop just $29.5k.

The Roadster Shop's great outdoors display. Coming to a major event near you, perhaps.

Shadow Rods are big on flathead parts too; their line includes trans adaptors & manifolds. Look closely at that block - yes, it IS aluminium, and YES it will be available - and it is about 100 inches larger than a stock flatty!

We'll finish with another of the Walden ads - they really are well done.

Accreditation: Kerry Fehlberg.
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