Cliff Wiles has been in rodding so long he is almost a legend. Having had some fabulous forties - a '40 Woody, a rare '40 Panel Van, and an even rarer '40 roadster, there is a reasonable expectation that his next car will be a Ford powered '40. Cliff found a Californian '40 Standard coupe on eBay, in the possession of the son of the original owner. The car turned out to be exactly as advertised; a rust free rolling car with no motor. That is refreshing to hear, given the number of scammers who prey on eBayers, and it set the whole project off to a good start.

In the beginning, there was a Ford. In this case a damned nice, straight, '40 Standard coupe. It now wears Deluxe front sheet metal.

Cliff likes the old school flavour of Cragar SS mags, but there is nothing old school about the all alloy quad cam 32 valve Lexus V8 though.

A massive steel plate on either side of each frame rail allows the rear suspension rubber mounts to bolt between the Jaguar 'cage' and the chassis.

The body has been trial fitted on the 2-pack silver chassis, and it is good to go.

The front suspension is from the same Jaguar Series 3 that donated the rear suspension. The '91 Lexus motor will run all the power options.

The original frame was modified to allow the 4 speed automatic box out through the bottom, if it is ever necessary.

Cliff points out the bracketry for the rear suspension mounts. Note the bulk of the bracket.

A lot of rodders let their Jaguar out of the cage, but as the rear end can't be seen under a '40, Cliff left the suspension in the stock cage, as all the engineering has been done at the factory.

Jaguar suspensions are all rubber mounted - Cliffs approach is to use those rubber mounts, front and back.

All the brake lines are polished stainless steel. Note the stock brake pedal pivot assembly and adaptor for the master cylinder & power booster. Very functional and simple to adapt.

Here is a neat way to absorb longitudinal forces while maintaining the correct geometry for the trailing arms.

If you run out of fuel on a long distance run, and this Blood Orange '40 coupe is around, you will be glad that Cliff opted for a 95 litre stainless steel tank. It sits where the stock tank once lived.

Accreditation: The Editor,
and Cliff Wiles
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