Jarred Wilkie has been brought up in an all hot rod family - his parents are Warren & Kerry Wilkie of the Toowoomba Rod & Custom Shop. Jarred started the car when he was still in High School, and it was about 3 years before it first hit the road. Jarred always intended the car to be chopped, and to have a certain cool old-school (as opposed to High School) look about it.
The result is a '28 A coupe highboy on deuce rails, chopped 4", and featuring scads of louvres in both the hand fabricated rear deck lid, and the roof! We look forward to seeing any future projects that Jarred takes on, both professionally, at Toowoomba Rod & Custom, and for himself.

Even back in 2009, the coupe had taken on a distinctive appearance that couldn't be confused with any of the other '28 coupes out there.

You can outfit a small block Chevy in any manner of styles, and this one has 3 97's, Lakes style headers, Smitty mufflers, & 'Vette valve covers.

Note the original air conditioning that came standard with all Model A Fords.

Jarred painted the car himself, using gloss 2 pack on the frame and underside, and flat 2-pack on the body..

2010 saw the coupe come closer to completion - check out the steering shaft and pitman arm on the left cowl. Queensland laws allow LHD on concessionally registered rods.

The '32 grille shell has been lowered to fit within the lines of the early Model A firewall.

The rails started out as American Stamping units, which were boxed, pinched front and rear, and swooped in the rear.

If you are wondering about the stripes on the door panel, keep in mind that the the roof has loads of louvres.

The dappled sunlight lilting through the louvres makes it hard to get a good shot of Jarred in the left hand seat. The minimalist trim was expertly done by Rob at Trimtastic, Toowoomba.

Click to zoom The traditional style is exemplified in this well crafted car, a fabulous first car for Jarred.

What sort of transmission would be perfect for this car? A Hurst shifted Muncie 4 speed manual box, which it has.

Model A cross members are used front and back, to get the car in the down in the turf.

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