Maurie Evans mentioned casually to a friend of his back in 1985 that he wouldn't mind building another hot rod one day, now that he had kids and was spending a lot of time hanging around the house. News travels fast in hot rodding circles, and about two weeks later Maurie received a phone call from Ronnie Wilson on the Gold Coast, saying he had heard that Maurie was thinking of building a '32 and that Ron had a '32 chassis, a Model A front cross member and a '32 grille for sale. So Maurie brought them home in a trailer after Valla 1986.

Maurie took those parts, plus a narrowed 9 inch diff, and a dropped I-beam axle with transverse spring to Warren Goodall, who set it up as a rolling chassis; Warren boxed the chassis, fitted the Model A front cross member, custom made centre X member, four bar, brake booster, ran all the stainless steel brake lines and fitted the engine mounts for the Chev 350 motor and TH-350 trans. At that stage Maurie didn't have a body, but continued hoping that something would turn up.

When the chassis was half finished, Warren introduced Maurie to Neil Pope who had a genuine '32 roadster body he was thinking about selling; Neil had heard of a '32 coupe body for sale and as he had moved to a colder part of the country, he was thinking a coupe would be more practical. A couple of weeks later Maurie owned the roadster body. As a matter of fact, he had it all loaded in his mate's van before he enquired about the price!

There were a few original '32 Ford roadsters available in the ''90s, though not many. There are a lot less today.

This angle shows off the perfect rake and stance that was built into the car, and the '39 Ford taillights. The driveshaft is made of stainless steel tube.

The interior is trimmed in burgundy Connolly leather in both the cockpit and the dickie seat.

The warm 350 has a nice blend of grunt and practicality - the twin Edelbrock 500 cfms add some of the grunt. The motor was  balanced, then fitted up to the TH350 trans, which was rebuilt by Russell Wylie.

Maurie built the 350 with flat top pistons, double hump fuellie heads, LT1 camshaft, two Edelbrock 500 cfm four barrel carbs on an Edelbrock dual plane manifold.

The VCW dropped I-beam gets the front end way down, where it should be.

The perfect original fuel tank and stock headlights, on the cross bar, came from Andy Minas.

The Ford 9 inch has been narrowed, allowing the wheels to tuck up nicely under the fenders. The diff is fitted with a 3.5:1 centre.

Coincidentally, the rumble seat has a boxed set of Classic gauges, ready for another happy customer.

A large part of the braking department is an XB Falcon power brake booster. P76 front discs also contribute, as do the stainless steel brake lines.

The roof is finished in burgundy Haartz cloth.

The front end uses an HQ steering box, stainless four bar, & P76 front discs on '46 Ford spindles.

Adios, muchachos.

Maurie then took everything to Dave Hart, who virtually built the car from there. Maurie would call around every evening after work and they would go over the project, how he pictured the finished roadster, and Dave would make his suggestions. Maurie wanted it to be the '32 roadster that he would have built in 1972 if he had had the wherewithal.

Dave did a wonderful job on the body, massaging the panels and steeling it out; doing all the little details that make the car so special. He made the one piece roof and the custom windscreen posts.
Maurie decided to paint the car Frost Beige which is a Corvette & Camaro colour from the '70's; his colour choice took the colour out of Dave's face, but Dave went along with it. Mick Gregorace from Bonnyrigg Smash painted all the body pieces separately.  The chassis was powder coated, then final assembly was started at Dave Hart's shop, about three weeks before the 1992 Valla Park run.

It was Dave's suggestion to look for something different for gauges, so Maurie imported a set of Classic gauges from the States; they were so good that Maurie become the Australian distributor for Classic Instruments.
Somehow they got it all together and Maurie just managed to get it registered on a Thursday; the following Sunday morning they left for Valla Park 1992 - a 500 Km trip.

The roadster ran great and has done ever since. Maurie has attended his 16th Valla in a row in the '32.
Apart from lots of fun trips away, the roadster has been driven to Nationals in Hobart, Adelaide, Geelong twice, Queensland twice, Hawkesbury, and Goulburn.

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