Pat Laub has been involved in Rodding since the days of his youth, which the 45 year old can well remember. Pat worked with Hot Rod legend Jim Rose for years, and then hung up his own shingle, building Rods for quite a few well known owners. Pat had already built a blown T-bucket, then bought a '36 Ford sedan 'beater' that Paul Jones had run for years. While under Pat's care the '36 was fitted with a Jag rear and other refinements, and is now owned by Frank Norris.

The '32 is painted Ruby Red, and the chamois coloured top sets it off nicely.

The 2" (50mm) Gilmer belt drive spins the 10% over-driven GMC 6-71 supercharger.

The Roadster has the grunt to keep up with the traffic, and the independent suspension to handle the goat tracks that pass for highways in our fair brown land.

Because the rain comes in a little in a downpour, it is a good idea to use a serviceable grade of upholstery - this interior is exactly that, and also tidy.

In any setting, this car shouts performance - sometimes it bellows.

Here is Pat moving off sedately. We know it is sedate, because there is a only a slight haze coming off the tyres. The venue was closed to the public.

In the back yard workshop - Frank Norris' HD, with late V6 power, R & P steering, late disc brakes etc.

Then followed 18 months of building the '32 Roadster shown here, a supercharged fire breather that gets driven all over the place. Pat hasn't missed a Valla Park run in 27 years, and this Roadster knows its way there and back. The chassis started as a pair of boxed American Stamping rails, which were put together by Pete of Pete Osborne Productions in New Zealand, along with one of his stainless steel independent front ends. Carrera coil-over shocks are used front and back, while the front discs are polished Girlocks from an HX Holden. The rack & pinion steering was originally fitted to Series III Bluebird.

The 'glass body is also from Pete Osborne, and was ready for painting - a fact that many manufacturers claim, but few deliver. The bod was all steeled out, had burst-proof latches fitted and concealed hinges, and a smooth floor. The interior trim is a chamois coloured vinyl, and is protected by a removable hardtop.

The engine is a very healthy 350, bored .030" over and blueprinted. It uses a GMC 6-71 supercharger, which forces compressed air through the double-hump fuellie heads, and out through the block-hugger headers, and down to the back through a stainless steel exhaust system. The cam is a big lumpy job, meaning it idles with a distinct lope, but the brand is unknown.

The blower is driven by a 2" Gilmer belt, and a pair of 600 c.f.m. Holley carbs mix the juice that has been pumped up from the original fuel tank by a Carter electric fuel pump. The distributor is an electronic billet type that uses a stock Chev cap.

The interior contains an XC Falcon steering column, which has a wood rimmed wheel fitted, and a Lokar shifter directs the Turbo 350 tranny. Pat spent many years in the auto transmission business, so was able to rebuild the transmission himself, with a 2500 r.p.m. stall speed converter, and a stage 3 shift kit.

The rear suspension has a 9" Ford diff that uses the Carrera shocks mentioned earlier, and a 4 bar and panhard bar set up. Pat put 15x9½" Halibrands on the back, and 14x6 Halibrands on the front; the fronts use Michelin 165/70x14 radials, and the rears use Hancook's 275/60x15.

The headlamps are original '32 Ford Standard units, that is, they have painted mild steel buckets instead of stainless steel buckets as in the Deluxe models. The tail lamps are also original '32 models. While we are out the back, we should mention that the boot (trunk) is electrically operated.

Pat is a member of the Southside Hot Rod Club, and is a TAC rep for Southside, so his opinion is considered helpful in the hurly burly of the TAC. His Friday night soirees (piss ups) are legendary, and attract a cross section of Hot Rodders from all walks of life.

Pat does Hot Rod work for almost anyone - his shed currently has a '65 Holden belonging to Frank Norris, to which Pat has fitted a late Commodore V6 and transmission. Other recent projects include Noel & Elaine Endors' '32 3 window, and the '32 sedan and '32 3 window of another bloke. Two of Pat's cars were in the Top 10 at the '04 Yamba run, and he has had quite a few Top 10 winners at Valla Park.

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