ASRF Street Rod Nationals, 2013

A National event brings together people from all over this big brown land - from drought stricken Tasmania and Victoria to battered and burnt Western Australia, and all points in between. As the rodding population ages, people are often more inclined to discuss their wild youth with those from another state, and the common ground is quite remarkable. Obviously, most grew up being absorbed by hot rods, and the other culturally significant events in our lives have often been remarkably similar. Given that, should we expect all our cars to be as alike as our belly buttons are? Apparently not, as you will see in these galleries. We will add more galleries as they become available.

Thursday and Friday had some rain, but not enough to spoil anything. The temperature was mild but the humidity was up during the middle of the day.

Each of these slide shows hold approximately 20 images.

Thursday and Friday, slide show 1
Friday, slide show 2
Friday, slide show 3
Friday, slide show 4
Friday, slide show 5

The shows in the next group were added Saturday, 30th March. On the Saturday, the grounds were open to the public

Friday evening cruising, slide show 6
Saturday, slide show 7
Saturday, slide show 8
Saturday, slide show 9
Saturday, slide show 10
Saturday, slide show 11
Saturday, slide show 12
Saturday, slide show 13

The galleries in the rows below were shot and posted here on Sunday, 31st March. The weather had some holes in it, resulting in the clouds leaking all over the joint.

Sunday, slide show 14
Sunday, slide show 15
Sunday, slide show 16

Kyren O'Loan was at the Coolangatta venue for the run on Easter Monday, and enjoyed the bands at the pub and other festivities. Cooly Rocks.

Monday, in Coolangatta, slide show 17
Monday, in Coolangatta, slide show 18
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