8 June 2012

Cooly Rocks, even when it is really quite cool. Thats the headline for the latest page, and we will try to put it up on the web more or less as it happens. Click on the image below to open the Cooly Rocks 2012 page

Cooly Rocks - the cold weather gear, the al-fresco dining, and miles of hot rods of all varieties - thats the Cooly Rocks festival. Click on the photo above to straight to the Cooly Rocks 2012 page.

If you are passing through Tucson AZ, in the next few months, be sure to see if the Hot Rods Old Vail roadhouse\bar\garage\destination is open for business. It sure looks interesting in the photos on their web site, but it might take a while to fill it up with memorabilia and real hot rods. Apparently you will be able to sit in the bar and supervise the crew, peering down on them through full height glass windows. The address and some of the other details are on the site: http://www.hotrodsoldvail.com/

We first noticed this store when Larry O'Toole visited it and did an article in Australian Street Rodding. I subsequently sent my personal shopper to San Dimas CA to buy a hard-to-obtain '31 grille shell from them. They didn't miss me when they set the price, but it is difficult to obtain a good one, so there was a happy seller and a happy buyer. Both Larry's story and the feedback from the personal shopper was that the place was a treasure trove of hard to find bits, include New Old Stock '32 fenders. If you are in the area, do yourself a favour and drop in: http://lbcunited.com/earlyford2/

It didn't really happen, but Les Winter says that the conversation between he and Jimmy Shine may have been along the lines "So Less, you think the 308 engine is a better option than the 253 for my next project?"

"Yes Jimmy I do, and B.T.W., you should also lose the black T shirt look, shave the head and get the lumber jack look with one of these Pendelton shirts."

How would you feel about having the ability to pay someone to build you a sleeper that looks like a rusty and crusty old station wagon, but is capable of smoking the tyres at almost any speed? The'52 Chevy sleeper has a 500 HP motor, alligator skin trim etc etc. Watch the Vimeo clip in HD on your 28" screen, and it is quite believable: http://vimeo.com/36160339"

Mike Kelly's Cruise News is the web site for a paper magazine, and despite the fact that the cruise news is missing from the site, they have a very interesting Classified section. There are dozens, rather than thousands, of interesting autos, but it was last updated only a week ago. Check them out: http://www.cruisenewsonline.com/default.html"

Of course, you have heard all about the Swedish deuce 5-window bodies that are hitting the market. They are reasonably priced, and the quaility should be good, given the huge amount of scanning and digital preparation they did before pressing some tin. Look to the top of the page we have linked, and there is a a menu entitled 'Pictures', each of which will take you to pages regarding the scanning of an original deuce coupe, the forming of the dies, and the new stamped parts - breathtaking some of it. The good part is that if you live outside Sweden you don't have to pay the 25% VAT (thats a tax added on top of the retail price) that the Swedes do. You can e-mail them and ask them for the name of a dealer near you: http://www.5wcoupe.se/en"

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