7 August 2012

Nostalgia racing is a part of the drag racing world that combines modern horsepower with a range of classes and cars that are not often seen at a 'normal' event. Flatheads and six packs won't get the masses lining up at the gate, but those who remember or appreciate the older form enjoy it enough to drive from one end of the country to compete or spectate, which is all bums on seats. Check out the recent Willowbank event here

Noel Inman boils up another set of hides in yet another display of the extraordinary capacity of this little 302 to entertain the fans, this time at the Cruzin Magazine nostalgia drags. Noel trailered the T all the way from Victoria, in company with a bevy of other dedicated nostalgia racers.

Do you remember our mention of the Hot Rods Old Vail mega drive-in? It has opened, amidst a huge turnout of enthusiastic patrons. Even if they didn't come to have a hot rod built at the shop, the patrons could have still been satisfied after a great meal, or a wee dram at the bar. This joint has it all!! Check out the opening day pictures: http://www.hotrodsoldvail.com/

Infomercials, or the art of selling someone something while providing topical and interesting content, is a growing trend in the world of advertising. The daily TV news has lots of 'pretend' news items, which are thinly disguised blurbs for some rubbish that the channel is trying to convince us to watch. However, this example of subtle salesmanship is long on info, and short on commercial, so you should probably take a look at one man's motivation and the material he started with. Before you start, see if you can guess where Jimbo works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ3QwBBViOM&feature=related

Given that our lead article is the nostalgia drags at Willowbank, how about some very nostalgic racing from 1966? This YouTube video has a host of stars, and the cars are just what you would expect at the NHRA Winternationals - top class. Check out the very early versions of the funny car - virtually stock bodied Barracuda's with tube axles and blown hemi's. The single-hoop roll cages on the fuellers, and the smokey passes show how things were done before front engines and slider clutches became the norm - only about 4 years later! Even those early rear engined diggers were light years away from the 330 mph monsters that we can see nowdays, so enjoy this trip back in time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBM4bZDeS6k&feature=relmfu

Later in the year, the NHRA ran the World Finals in Tulsa, and this video features professional commentary, and close-ups of many of the most famous cars and drivers of the time. An interesting note is that the video was posted by the guy who won Super Eliminator! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhAw7gMbLvw&feature=em-share_video_user

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