6 October 2013

There are two events in this issue; the first being the Eliminators show held in Beenleigh, and the other the ever-popular Valla Park run, put together by the Drag-Ens of Sydney. Of course, they appear in chronological order in the Events page, newest at the top, so be sure to click on both.

The Eliminators show always has a wide variety of predominantly US iron at their annual show, held in the Beenleigh Show grounds. This pert little bucket is highly original, with straight 6 power, and yet it looks as though it just appeared in of the pages of Car Craft, in 1968.

If pre-1949 rods are your thing, then Valla Park, near Nambucca Heads, is one of the best places to get your fill. Initial reports say that the green Model A tourer was built by the old Peppermint Pirate himself, Bob Bowman. Check out the engineering on the torsion bar front end - magic.

American Hot Rod Magazine is of course the premier printed authority of Hot Rodding, and given their massive circulation numbers over the last 4 decades, they have the resources to produce things like Hot Rod TV. In this issue they visit the shed of rodder Rick Bonenberg, and check out his massive collection. Just to name a few, the collection includes an Aussie '32 tub, '35 Willys Sedan Delivery, fuelie '62 corvette, a Nomad and on and on. Of course, you could spend hours checking out the other videos on the Hot Rod site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h1biJG5Eqc&list=PLBE43441C8510DC95

Tom McEwan and Don Prudhomme should need no introduction, but this new cinematic effort should educate the viewers in all manner of details about their early racing lives. The producers apparently used old time footage of the cars racing back in the sixties, and substituted young actors for the grizzled old racers. It should be a good flick: http://www.snakeandmongoosemovie.com/

"Real race cars have 3 pedals" says the racer in this high definition, 8 minute salute to the stick shift racers. Many a street rodder will say the same, even though most opt for the comfort of an automatic. Back to the film - the protagonists race for a $2,000 purse, in a very entertaining video of regular racing. The slow motion shots of the '55 as it leaps into the air are worth the price of admission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DSrX4MP_ts

This is different. Photographed in South Wales, no, not NEW South Wales, but the old one, these traditionalists race in an area steeped in automotive competition. The cars really suit the tag of traditional, with bangers and flatheads the order de-jour. There is a lot to absorb in this extremely well executed page, and the side bar holds hours of reading pleasure: http://www.speedhunters.com/2013/09/pendine-pounders-speed-trials-on-sand/

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