28 November 2013

Yamba time has come around again, so that event heads the list of things to view. Click on the image below, or navigate to the Events page.

John Davies fits the Yamba run in between trips to the US. In his spare time he puts together some of the sweetest hot rods imaginable. Check out JD's hi-boy Tudor and the rods of the others who attended the Yamba run.

If you are any sort of artist, even a bull artist, then the talent that is evident in this YouTube clip will be apparent. After the poxy ad has run, you will see Glen Weisgerber lay down some intricate pin stripes. In fact, Glen is better known as an air-brush artist, so his lines are all the more fascinating:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4165Pp8uns

International Rodding Department. This time we are watching a rod run high in the Swiss Alps, which of course provide unreal scenery. The YouTube clip was put together by the Rhein-Main Cruisers, from Germany. After the cruise high up in the Alps, they drop back down to a valley, for a spot of drag racing. Very cool!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQMFA9yFPKM/

Another Rhein-Main clip, and this time the rodders have a run with an eclectic group of old cars; including a Type 35 Bugatti and what appears to be an SS roadster - the precursor to the jaguar. That little QC equipped yellow A roadster pickup is back, along with a '34 Vicky that would give a jelly fish a chubby. The clip also has great music, great HiRes photography, and a fascinating glimpse of rodding in Europe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJP_6Fctar8&feature=youtu.be

One of the really infuriating elements of belonging to a minority group, such as hot rodders, is that both print and TV reporters usually manage to focus their attention on the most unimportant aspect of a story, or just plain lose their notes, and the resulting story does more harm than good. Not as much a problem now days, but when rodding was in its infancy, every one of these journalistic stuff-ups was like scratching finger nails on the blackboard. Case in point - this clip has the reporter referring to the hot rodders as "mills". Clearly, this guy's shorthand isn't what it should have been, or perhaps he was on the turps. If the faux pas hadn't been committed so long ago, we could call for his resignation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvqfZCtQs9Q&feature=player_embedded

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