26 May 2013

Winter brings out the cooler cruising weather. and in the olden days winter was synonymous with clear skies, therefore very little rain. The climate has most certainly changed, and there have been a few rain-outs recently, including the Willowbank Cruizin Magazine Nostalgia Drags, which is a damned shame. Ron Whelan was keen to advertise the August event which will include at least 5 cars from New Zealand. Lets hope the rain stays away for Cooly Rocks.

The Brisbane Hot Rod Show was held indoors, and the weather didn't prevent thousands of punters trekking to the Exhibition Grounds to take in this year's show. The Briggs family had multiple Model A's there - their orange closed cab is shown here. Click on the image to open the page.

How would you like a face full of dirt? Many events nowadays involve paddock bashing in rods and beaters, and sometimes it is muddy, and sometimes it is just gritty. We've mentioned Hot Rod Revue before, and theirs is a stylish e-magazine with embedded images and videos of rods, racers, and customs, in New Zealand. The 'dirt in your face' reference is to an event that is shown on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature, which appears to show Terry Furness's '26 T, which I remember from reading NZ Hot Rod when I visited NZ in the seventies. If my memory serves me well, Terry's car also appeared on a 5 minute NZBC 'filler' that played in place of ads. The sequence showed a '26 T tooling through a pine forest to the sounds of Booker T and the MG's doing their Green Onions track. How cool is that? We suggest that you go to the site at http://hotrodrevue.co.nz, and check out all their articles - they are all very well put together, and well worth the read.

Speaking of the nostalgia - how about this for a reunion? Hot Rod Magazine had a show at the Fairplex in Pomona, to celebrate their 65th anniversary. They invited 300 former cover cars, and most turned up. The names and references will pop back into your memory, in the pleasing way that nostalgia excites (some of) us. A good number of the cars would still give a jelly fish a chubby, so be sure to watch it all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFKtlu-zL-w&feature=youtu.be

Plug alert. If you need any form of on-site brake work, including brake lines, hard or flexible, flaring or bleeding, and you are in south east Queensland, call Lynton: http://www.brakeman.com.au/

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