25 June 2012

Powerfest. It sounds like a celebration of raw horsepower, and for the people racing their powerboats on Lake Dyer, it was a great power festival. The rods and machines that turned up added to the overall ambience, but in a less demonstrative manner.

Heaps of rods and tasty classics were on hand at the Lockyer Powerfest, to give both the hot rodders and the boating fraternity a peep at how the other half invests their time and fortune. The boats are always a great sight, with big rooster tails, and the roar of finely tuned race engines. Click on the photo above.

Tom Medley, the former publisher of Rod Á Custom Magazine, the creator of Stroker McGurk, was 91 last birthday but since then he suffered a terrible fire in his garage, which all but destroyed his legenday '40 coupe. Beinf such an iconic figure in the world of street rods, many of those around him rallied and have done their very best to restore the buckled and twisted coupe to its former maroon glory. The people at Hot Rods Custom Stuff, in Escondido CA have done a great amount of the body work, as well as having co-ordinated the effforts from other trades and well wishers. Read about their unselfish assistance to one of the grand old men of hot rodding here: http://www.hotrodscustomstuff.com/

People keep asking whether we have visited Pew's Place, a street rodder friendly blog spot on the net, where Pew posts precious pictures of whatever has taken his fancy in the last couple of days. Yes, he updates the site regularly - 3 times a week type of regularly - so there is always something new to see. His own projects feature regularly, and it sure is interesting to see how easily some of life's project problems are overcome in California. It is always a great read, so drop over to Pew's Place regularly: http://www.pewsplace.com/"

Most hot rodders are appreciative of the metal working skills that are obvious in a well detailed project - more so perhaps when the paint hasn't been applied. The welding and shaping skills in these clips are extremely impressive, and we get to watch as Brian Bass of Bass Kustom cuts 7½ inches out of the roof of an A coupe, mounts the body on a wild deuce frame, and does a gazillion other jobs to bring the coupe to the street. That engine mount could be a point of contention in some of the rougher roads though, as 800 pounds of cat iron Hemi is suspended in the cantilever mounts. To each his own, of course, and there is no denying the workmanship. There are 12 videos in the project, so be sure to find them all. The first is at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaH0D94J60Y&feature=channel&list=UL" YouTube has a button near the top of the page where you can click to all of this contributor's work, so use that rather than the side-bar, if you prefer. Brian's web site is at: http://www.basskustom.com/

Hands up all those poor unfortunates who have heard of a Jowett_Javelin". What about the less than inspiring Borgward_Isabella? After you stop sniggering you might be surprised to learn that one of the coolest kustoms of all time was based on bits from those 2 undesirable designs. Thats right, the Car Craft Dream Rod, designed in 1961, used a Javelin's frame, but they have managed to keep that quiet until recently. The story of the car's conception and delivery is quite a tale, told at quite a web site, the encyclopaedic Kustomrama: http://www.kustomrama.com/index.php?title=Car_Craft_Dream_Rod

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