23 September 2012

The rod run season is upon us in Australia, while it at is winding down in the northern climes of the US. The big story at the moment is the Goodguys Rodfather Tour, which is well under way. The tour is taking over a hundred cars on a circuit that kicked off at Bonneville on the 14th of September, and goes through Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin. The tour terminates at Indianapolis, at the Goodguys Speedway Nationals at Indianapolis Motor Speedway September 21-23.

The tour 'fathers' are Gary Meadors, of Goodguys fame, and Andy Brizio, who is the father of Roy, and one of the originals who participated in some of the seminal rod runs in the sixties and seventies. The run is highly commercialised, in that they have visited the premises of lots of suppliers and manufacturers of rod parts - but who would object to that?! The up side of the commercialisation is that Goodguys have engaged a professional crew to organise the daily posting of HD video, for the duration of the tour. Check it out on their dedicated site: http://rodfathertour.com/

Shane Dillon is a member of the Eliminators, whose outdoor car show and swap meet is featured in this issue. Shane's blown 351 has taken the family touring all over this great brown land, including a huge tour that took in the Bright Run, then up home to Logan City via the Yamba Rod Run.

Here is a standout hot rods for sale site that we hadn't seen before. The cars are well presented, well photographed, and they appear to be reasonable value for money. We first heard about this site in the context of a deuce Tudor that they had for sale, but it might have moved on by the time that you get to visit the site. Some of their pages will persist after the car has been sold - the Barn Find Hot Rod article will remain interesting for a long time to come, and the Gasser Garage page has some great photos: www.codyhotrodshop.com

Here is a clip about the famous, and somewhat tatty, 15oz fuel coupe. Apparently the owner raced the car over 40 years ago, then found it in a pitiful state, and bought it back. The clip is an 'oldie' from 2011, but compensates by being available in 1080 HD resolution. The noise will shake your house, so turn it right up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNHWxsebfMQ

While we are on blown '34 5 windows, our mind naturally gravitates towards the 554 car, the legendary Mooneyham & Sharp 5 window that ran from the fifties up to the present. It was a combination of early funny car and gasser, with a novel high gear only setup that was common in dragsters, but not in '34 coupes! The video was shot at a Nostalgia meet at Fremont some years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDam-fHtc8A

Don't you love to see how other people put their projects together? It is even better if they take the time to explain why they did certain things, and where they sourced the items. Here we see one man's project come to life, and almost through to completion, all in one page. Check back again in the future, as this '30 coupe takes to the streets: http://a425coupe.shawwebspace.ca/blog/

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