15 November 2011

We know that the Swedes have done a great amount of Hot Rodding, both at home and when they emigrate to somewhere warmer, but it isn't well known that they had such pioneers in rodding in their midst. This short and concise article shows the deuce coupe that Lennart Djurberg built, way back in 1956: https://punjapit.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/a-legendary-car/

Are you looking for a chassis for your next project? There are lots of people out there that do the work, and they usually do it really well. We have seen the quality of Classic Street Rod Manufacturing frames, and combined with their reasonable pricing, you should consider them. Based in Ontario CA, they do Model A frames, deuces and up.: http://www.classicstreetrodmfg.com/index.html

This short YouTube clip attempts to convey a message about how hot rodding is not dead. If we don't over examine that base assumption then the clip shows 'traditional' hot rods in all sorts of settings - the drag strip, a dirt oval track, and even the street (but don't for a moment call them street rods, heavens to Murgatroyd!). The points about the glam cars are well made and the reference to cars painted like Easter eggs is pithy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXU3N9wT3u0&feature=share

How would you like to drop a V12 into a little Model A coupe? Follow along on this 8 part journey into the realms of rod building - this time in Germany. Apparently the BMW V12s are available at a reasonable price in Deutschland, so why not. The link below is for the first episode, and you will find other links on the YouTube side bar - but we couldn't find episode 4 - the missing link. The others are all there, so grab a schnapps and sit back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yzm5HZObe5I&feature=related

Peter Crain

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