14 August 2013

The Cruzin Magazine Nostalgia Drags were in town again, this time accompanied by 5 very stout New Zealand nostalgia cars. Saturday's qualifying was a good show, and after some serious overtime, all the tourist's cars were ready for racing on the Sunday

Built along the lines of the orginal "Freight Train", this twin engined dragster from New Zealnd ran like a train all weekend. Click on the image of Mark Vincent's deafening dual donk dragster to read more.

Nostalgia racing includes some very modern equipment that is built in the style of a race car from an earlier era, but a lot of the cars are the very vehicles that raced in the '60's or '70's.

Craig Mullen brought his "Nitro Ape" Austin Bantam altered to Australia for the first time, but you may have seen it before. In fact this car won the A/Gas class at the NHRA Winternationals in 1962, '63 and '64! Now if that doesn't make you nostalgic, nothing will. The last people to campaign the car in California sold the package to Craig, who has run it regularly sice it arrived in NZ in 2011. This story is from their local paper: http://www.bayofplentytimes.co.nz/"

This is a largely empty site that has a little data on the "Nitro Ape" car: http://nitroaperacing.com/", and another that shows the car in 1962, at the NHRA Winternationals: http://jrthompson.net/bones/bonescar3.html#broadster

The next link shows some more details of the previous life of this legendary altered - this time on the M & H Tires site: http://www.mandhtires.com/?route=racer_of_month/

More nostalgia, but this time the feature is a French language film (they are always pretty racy) that was made at Lions Drag Strip, in 1966. Francophiles will be able to follow the narration, but the sound is pretty whacky, as was often the case in those days. The engine sounds that they taped were matched up with the footage after they got back to Paris, so we hear cars leaving, while showing a scene of a car going through the lights with the 'chute out. Mon dieu! C'est invraisemblable!: http://bangshift.com/blog/nostalgia-video-1966-lions-drag-racing-video

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