11 March 2012

We're back, again. We hope that you like the new format, and the snazzy slideshow type gallery in our Events pages. The development represents many hours of work, including the development of custom software that takes the drudgery out of putting an events page together. While the new model uses a Microsoft product for some development, the pages have been tested in a number of different browsers, and the representation is almost identical.

Toowoomba Hot Rodders High Altitude Rod Run is featured in the Events page, or just click on the image to take you right to the page. Toowoomba is known as the Garden City, and the recent rains have certainly re-inforced that impression, as the late afternoon seting illustrates.

Older readers will appreciate the impact that the movie American Graffiti had on getting the hot rod message to a broader audience, and for many younger readers, American Graffiti was the message. The re-runs are shown regularly, and even the sequel has a dedicated following. The web page here has a superlative collection of images and clips of and about the film, and the cars. If Paul Le Mat comes to an event near you, be sure to say hello.

Its always interesting to read about the experiences of visitors to Southern California, and observations about the cultural differences between SoCal and wherever the visitopr is from. In this case, the visitor is Jim Clarke of Clarke Hot Rods, Daytona Beach FL. Follow Jim as he and his group visit many interesting shops and runs in and around SoCal, and be sure to click on each of the images, as they zoom out to huge, high definition shots: http://clarkehotrods.com/2009/4-day-in-socal-donut-derelicts-fountian-valley-hamb-bbq-laverne

If you are going to visit SoCal, then you really should investigate whats on and when before you leave. This site has droves of details about all manner of events that might interest you. Of course, the site is primarily about rod runs and the like, but if you are reading this, then will probably be interested; http://www.socalcarculture.com/events.html

Future features will include the fastidiously crafted all-steel deuce which belongs to Craig Borthwick. Craig will sell you the car if you twist his arm

If you are of a certain age then you either had, or rode in, a jacked up sedan or coupe in the seventies. The whole air-shock connection has long gone out of vogue, but some like to dwell on what once was. Take a look at the examples on this site and you might even recall the wind in your afro, or the slick silkiness of the paisly printed body shirt that you wore to the disco on Friday night; http://upintherear.tumblr.com/ Across the top of the page, there are well disguised links to other sites - Archive, Show the Rod, etc. - and all are quite absorbing.

Here is a well detailed, well presented series on how to build a T-bucket at home in a regular garage, and compete in the Grand National Roadster Show. We have visited the T-bucket plans web site in the past, but this feature is fairly topical, as well as interesting. Follow along in a 3 part journey as the the boys build a flathead powered steel bodied T-bucket at home. There are links at the bottom pages 1 and 2: http://www.tbucketplans.com/2011/03/19/the-takeout-t-america%E2%80%99s-truly-most-beautiful-roadster-part-2-details/

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