16 March 2014

Another High Altitude run has come and gone, an it appeared to have been enjoyed by everyone. Click on the image below to take you to the page, where there are a couple of galleries for your edification and amusement.

Eat your heart out Jitney Jake coupe fans, this little 3-window nails it, in the context of a Jake car being made for local rules and conditions. Click on the image to open the High Altitude Run page.

There have always been yarns about mint cars being owned by little old ladies, but the inter-web thingy allows you to see the cars, and in the case of some of our older readers, perve on the little old ladies. This sweet gal tells a remarkably lucid tale about her old one-owner Chevy, and we expect that all of you will find the story interesting; youtube.googleapis.com/v/QwcRG2aEi3s

This looks like fun. The Georgetown, CO, Hill Climb was a big event 60 years ago, and these folk are reviving the practice. Nice curvy up-hill sections that would set any self respecting care-racer to salivating - plenty of opportunities to smoke 'em up, without the danger of a high speed prang. There should be more of them; http://vimeo.com/76633759

Here is another race event, this time from Wildwood, NJ, not far from Philly, and of course, Atlantic City. This one appears to be resticted to the most traditional types, featuring bangers in A's and T's, plus a shitload of those 'modern' marvels, the Ford V8. They are racing on the beach, between tides, so the analy retentive sticklers for glossy paint and blemish-free chrome need not apply; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be1NWmDggd1aQ

How far do you think you would like to carry the front wheels during a 6.35 run in a fuel altered? Not very many, I hear you say. Check out the effect of massive cojones on the Rat Trap driver, Ron Hope, as he takes the view that while the car is pointed in the right direction, it doesn't matter that only the back wheels are on the ground!!; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Gc--V6lMkw

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